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          百約大健康新食代   共建共享國民健康食品研創中心
          賦能健康食品合作伙伴供應鏈解決方案   健康中國共創者

          百約理念 Our Goal


          With great passion, develop delicious food for customers, bring value to partners, create happiness with employees, create beauty with nature. Develop a harmonious ecological chain and contribute to the development and progress of human society.

          百約價值觀 Our Values


          Passion, Hard work, Honesty, Appreciation

          百約使命 Our Mission


          Making everything we touch better

          百約愿景 Our Vision


          Our vision is built on our goal, which takes us towards the continuous development of our business and company.
          ·Company: Driven by innovation, intelligence, flexibility and agility, to become a leading company in the health food industry.
          ·Employee: Become happy partners with fulfilment and satisfaction.
          ·Partnership: Develop transparent, simple, friendly and mutual partnerships.
          ·Nature: Be grateful and contribute to society and nature, making the world better.
          ·Brand: Building a brand with great passion and a positive influence on the food industry.