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          Jiangxi Bvane Food Co. Ltd was established in the 1980s. From Hunan province to Jiangxi province, from Sanli to Bvane, with a history of almost 30 years, we adhere to the initial goal of making food healthier and nutritious with precision. We have now created a comprehensive platform for healthy food research and production.

          Production base

          We have established a 75,000 sqm nutritional food production workshop with an investment of 360 million RMB. This workshop has enabled smart manufacturing and flexible manufacturing, achieved the hardware foundation for our concept of innovation driven and ultimate product empowerment.
          Bvane builds a company with a borderless platform, extends the platform and product category, incubates multiple business units and brands and continues with vertical development. We work with several universities and research institutions and now hold a number of patents, and therefore have gradually built core competitiveness with multiple technical barriers.
          Through in-depth cooperation with market leading companies, we have offered over 200SKU healthy food products to over hundreds of millions of consumers. We continue to focus on product innovation, team development, leading the healthy and nutritional food manufacturing to a new era, becoming a benchmark in the health food industry and supporting the development of China from a country with huge food consumption to a strong food powerhouse.
          Our product portfolio includes high-protein and low-fat product ranges, complex carbohydrate food products, light meal nutritional foods, as well as beauty foods. Our product categories include bakeries, instant foods, meat products, aquatic products, solid drinks, soy products, cold-processing snacks (energy bar), seasonings and others, with over 10 production units.